April 9, 2013

Whole House Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis system is the most effective way to filter out contaminants from water. Reverse Osmosis systems typically consist of pre-filters to remove sediment and or chlorine. The water is then run through a high pressure booster pump that pushes the water through the R.O. membranes. Only about half of the water makes it through the membrane as clean water while the other half is rejected and ran to a drain. At this point the processed water is so pure the water has a low PH and will need to be run through a neutralizer filter to raise the PH back to neutral. A holding tank is then used to store an adequate amount of water to be used by your home or business. A holding tank is needed because while R.O. systems are the most effective filtration they are also only able to produce a small flow of purified water.

– Reverse Osmosis is the only effective way to deal with issues such as silica, sodium, and arsenic.

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