September 9, 2012

Water Holding Tank Systems

Unlike city water well water users are limited in the volume of water they can use at any one time. This is typically referred to as the yield of the well which is measured in gallons per minute. There is no standard yield for a well, each will perform differently then another. For example, some large irrigation wells are capable of producing 1,000 gallons per minute while another may only produce 1 gallon per minute.

For residential purposes a well water user would like to have a well that yields 5 gallons per minute or more. Yields less than 5 gpm may not be enough to serve the household’s water demands. These wells that produce less than 5 gpm are known as a low yielding well. There are really only two solutions for a low yielding well. The first, contact a local well drilling company to explore drilling a replacement well or rehabbing the existing and the second is to install a water holding tank system.

A water holding tank system works by installing a large reservoir tank. These tanks can range from 300 gallons up to 5,000 gallons. In some cases we manifold tanks together to double the amount of storage. Tanks can be installed as above ground poly tanks or as below ground plastic or concrete cisterns. Individual home owner needs are different but as a standard we recommend a minimum of 1,100 gallons of storage as that is the amount required for lending during real estate transactions. After the tank has been installed we fill the tank at a slow rate from the low producing well creating enough of a reservoir that there is adequate supply on hand for high water demands from household or irrigation use. A booster pump is then installed to pressurize the water from the holding to the point of use. As added protection we also add what is called run dry protection for both the booster pump and the well pump in the case that either run out of water.

We Service and Install

• Norwesco Tanks
• Concrete Cisterns
• Booster Pump Systems
• Pump Float Switches
• Float Valves
• Dole Flow Control Valves
• M-4 Low Pressure Cutoff Switches
• Water Storage Tanks
• Water Reservoir Tanks

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