June 7, 2013

Jet Pumps

jet pumps water serviceJet Pumps are a very versatile pump that can be used in many applications. They come as shallow well jet pumps or deep well jet pumps. They can be used for residential pumps, irrigation pumps, and booster pumps.

Shallow well jet pumps have a single suction line. They can draw water from wells with a pumping level shallower than 18 ft. In these conditions they are used for yard irrigation and residential water. Another application is to use them as a flooded suction booster pump out of an above ground holding tank.

Deep well jet pumps have two suction lines and use a venturi to draw water from depths deeper than 18 ft. One line will act as a return line to the venturi at the bottom called the jet assembly. Deep well jet pumps are most commonly used as residential and irrigation wells.

Specialized Services

At Clearwater Pump Service we sell, service, and install most major brands. We have the capability to re-build jet pumps, replace motors, replace seals, install new suction lines, and replace jet assemblies.

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