February 26, 2012

Water Problems

At Clearwater Pump Service we believe proven solutions to your water quality issues. We are committed to supplying our customers with not only safe water but water that is pure. Whether your well has hard water, leaves orange stains, smells bad, tastes funny, or is contaminated with bacteria we have the solution to your water treatment needs. Below are some of the more common problems found in your well water.

Hard Water
This is a very common problem for well water users. Hard water is caused by calcium that has dissolved in the water. Hard water can cause problems in your home or businesses plumbing system by forming calcium deposits, it can also leave white water spots once the water has dried on a surface, it can cause the soap you use to not lather, and also leave laundry feeling stiff and dull the color. Hard water can easily be cured.
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Iron is another common mineral found in well water. Iron can cause the water to have a metallic taste, damage plumbing systems, leave rust stains in fixtures, and turn white laundry a dingy off-white color. Iron is natural occurring and is typically found in two forms ferrous or ferric. Ferrous iron is referred to as clear water iron. A good example of clear water iron is when you fill a glass of water and it is clear but once the water has set for a period of time an orange color will appear. Ferric iron is where the iron has already been oxidized and the water coming directly from the tap already has an orange or red color. Iron is one of the more troublesome minerals in well water but can be removed.
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PH problems in well water is typically when the water has a low PH and is considered acidic. Water with a PH level lower than 7.0 is considered to be acidic. Typically when your water is acidic you will notice a metallic taste in the water and green or blue staining in the sink. The staining is most often caused by the water eating away at your copper plumbing. This can lead to an expensive problem over the years in your homes plumbing. The PH of water is easily treated.
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Sulfur found typically is naturally occurring and easily detected. Water that contains sulfur will release hydrogen sulfide gas when it is exposed to the air. Most complaints are that the water will smell like rotten eggs. This will cause unpleasant taste and obviously an unpleasant odor. There are a number of ways to remove sulfur.
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