September 18, 2012

Constant Pressure Variable Speed Drives

Constant Pressure Variable Speed DrivesVariable Frequency Drives also known as variable speed drives and constant pressure drives are becoming common place in residential, commercial, and agricultural pumping systems. A “VFD” allows a pump motor to run at different speeds. Standard pumps run at a fixed speed of 60 hertz. A VFD panel allows a pump motor to run between 0 to 60 hertz depending on the type of pump. Most VFD’s will receive a signal from a pressure transducer which tells the VFD what the water pressure in the system is. Upon receiving the signal the pump will speed up or slow down to keep the pressure constant and match the water usage demand.

Besides just constant pressure VFD’s have numerous benefits. The benefits include soft start capabilities, power savings, smaller wire needs, motor protection features, and of course the benefits of eliminating water hammer from your plumbing systems. We offer a wide range of VFD panels to fit your needs. Whether it might be a simple constant pressure panel for your home or a custom duplex panel for your farm or business Clearwater Pump can help.

As an Oregon Energy Trust Partner we can also help explore the substantial energy savings that VFD’s can provide along with possible rebates and incentives provided to PGE customers.

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