February 21, 2012

FLow Testing

Ben Franklin once said “We will know the worth of water when the well runs dry”. This statement holds significant weight to rural homes and most farms that depend on irrigation wells. Rural properties typically depend solely on well water as their source for domestic and irrigation water needs. Flow testing is required during most real estate transactions. Well flow tests ensure that there will be an adequate amount of water to supply the needs of a property like showering, laundry, drinking water, irrigation water, and chores we typically pay little thought to. An acceptable flow test involves measuring the wells static water level, measuring the pumping levels, and measuring the flow output for a specified period of time. In addition to these procedures during pumping we will test pump and motor performance, check the pressure tank for adequate air pressure, check the pressure switch points, and inspect the entire well water system to ensure that it is sanitary, in good working order, and meets local code requirements. By providing these services we can assure well water users and their families they will have a safe and dependable well water system.

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