February 26, 2012

Energy Efficiency

At Clearwater Pump we are in the lead with energy and water conservation projects. As an Oregon Energy Trust Ally and an NRCS technical service provider we are able to provide our customers with products and procedures that not only help conserve resources but also your pocket book.

Some of the ways we can help are variable speed drives, irrigation equipment upgrades, pumping plant evaluations, and pump and motor efficiency. One of largest consumers of power in the United States are irrigation motors. By ensuring optimal performance of existing pump systems and exploring the possibilities of new technology variable frequency drives we can ensure conservation of power and explore substantial savings on power bills.

Energy Trust of Oregon

Clearwater Pump Service can also help with rebates and incentives available through the Oregon Energy Trust for agricultural and commercial customers. Rebates are available for motor re-winds, irrigation system conversions, sprinkler replacements, and energy saving variable speed drives.

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