November 18, 2012

Iron Filtration

To effectively filter iron from well water the water must go through a process called oxidation. Oxidation simply put puts the iron in a solid form where it can be removed from the water. There are two ways to achieve oxidation.

  • The first uses harsh chemicals such as chlorine.
  • The second uses oxygen from the air we breathe. We prefer to use oxygen as a safe and natural way to remove iron.

We can expose the water to oxygen by using a venturis, compressor, or filters that will hold a pocket of air in place. Once we have exposed the iron to oxygen we typically use a contact tank to give the process time to react. Afterwards the iron is in a solid form and can be filtered using a stand-up auto backwashing filter. These filters have an automated backwash so that there is very little maintenance to perform and the filter keeps working to supply clean iron free water to your home.

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