February 26, 2012

Free Mineral Testing

Our approach to water treatment is that each problem should be addressed in a complete and comprehensive manner. Well water chemistry is as diverse as our customers. Each well will be comprised with different mineral content and differing amounts. There is no one filter solves it all approach.

Free Water Mineral Testing

We begin each water treatment project with a site visit and free mineral test. During the site visit we are able to discuss your concerns, discuss your taste and odor preferences, and discuss your preferences in regards to system maintenance. Once this step has been completed we test the water with you present for hardness, iron, PH, total dissolved solids, and silica to discover exactly what may or may not be at the root of the problem. Once these steps have been completed we can design a system suited to your preferences and your well water chemistry.

We offer sales and service on water softeners, iron filtration, PH filters, taste and odor filters, carbon filters, sand separators, ozone systems, air injection, chlorine injection, ultraviolet filters, reverse osmosis systems, arsenic removal, and cartridge filters. We also offer routine maintenance plans.

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