May 18, 2013

Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps

Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps are commonly used for agricultural and industrial applications. Line-Shaft Turbines are driven by a hollow shaft motor that sits above the surface. The turbine pump will be submersed in an open body of water, well, or wet well. The hollow shaft motor and turbine pump are connected with shafting running from the motor to the pump with bearings every ten feet called spider bearings. A line-shaft turbine pump is considered to be the longest lasting and most maintenance free pump type, hence why they are often chosen for agricultural and industrial customers.

We provide new sales and service to line-shaft turbine pumps. We have the capabilities to re-build hollow shaft motors, straighten or replace shafting, and rebuild turbine impellers, bowls, and wear rings. We service all major brands.

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