June 16, 2013

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Service OregonDrip irrigation is quickly becoming the most efficient way to water your row crop applications. Drip is commonly used on crops such as blue berries, raspberries, black caps, filberts, and other orchard crops. Drip irrigation typically comes in 1,000 ft. rolls. It can be rolled across the top of the ground, suspended to posts and cables above crops and in some cases sub-surface. The tubing in most cases will have pre-installed emitters to drop the water directly upon the crop. The emitters flow rate and spacings are determined before ordering. It can also be ordered without emitters and we can punch them in later.

Because drip irrigation is so efficient you can greatly reduce the amount of flow and pressure needed for irrigation compared to overhead irrigation. This means we can use smaller pumps, smaller mainlines, reduce water consumption and save energy.

We provide design of new systems, sales, and installation of drip systems and associated equipment.
We can also help with rebates from the Oregon Energy Trust.

Our Services Include
  • NRCS Designs
  • Energy Trust Rebates
  • Irrigation Design
  • In house pump & motor repair
  • 24 Hour Service
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