November 6, 2013

Disc Filtration

Disc filtration is a key component for efficient irrigation. Disc filters can be used on well water or surface water. They are designed to filter sediment or organics before entering the irrigation system. Disc filters are mostly used as a pre-filter to drip irrigation or micro-irrigation.

Disc filters can be ordered with automatic backwash eliminating the need for manual flushing. Most larger disc filters will come equipped with a controller and pressure differential switch. As the filter collects debris there will be a differential between the incoming pressure and discharge pressure. When the pressure becomes too great the differential switch will signal the controller for the unit to backwash. After backwashing has occurred the discs will be clean and discharge pressure will increase to match the incoming pressure.

One key benefit of disc filtration is low maintenance. Unlike sand filtration where media needs to be changed yearly disc filters only require that the discs be removed from the filter and cleaned by hand periodically.

Disc Filtration Service

At Clearwater Pump we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you choose the right filter for your application. Choosing the correct filter to match flow rates, pressure loss, and the correct amount of filtration will ensure your system stays hassle free and protects your irrigation system. We sell, service, and install both Netafim and Irritec filters.

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