From Cornelius garage to Forest Grove storefront – Clearwater Pump Services Q&A with Oregonlive

*David Parson, owner of Clearwater Pump Services, will open a store that sells irrigation equipment on March 4 in the building where his crew currently operates.

From Cornelius garage to Forest Grove storefront: Q&A with Clearwater Pump Services owner David Parson.

When David Parson went on a call to repair a woman’s pumps, he was surprised to hear the woman ask if he were related to Wilbur, his grandfather. Parson, who started fixing pumps in high school, had worked in his family’s business before starting his own in 2012.

The woman explained that Parson’s grandfather had helped her fix a pump 15 years ago. Parson looked just like him.

“She didn’t know him,” he said. “But that’s the kind of impact that you make.”

Since November, Parson and his five-person crew have operated his irrigation repair and installation business, Clearwater Pump Services, out of the 6,000 square-foot industrial building on Douglas Street in Forest Grove. On March 4, the 35-year-old will open a store that sells irrigation equipment.

“These guys are part-electrician, part-plumbers,” Parson said. “They are the jack of all trades and the masters of none.”

The Forest Grove Leader caught up with Parson on Wednesday to see how the business is doing.

Q: How did you start your own pump service?

A: The business began in Cornelius, out of my home—my pickup truck, a kitchen table and an empty garage. It was myself and one part-time employee. I had my pickup and a 1978 boom truck that I had been working on for six months. We just parked those outside the house.We were out doing residential water systems on January 7, 2012. Everything we did was mobile. We didn’t have space to keep inventory around. If we had to repair a pump, we did it on site or we did it on the tailgate of a pickup. All the guys were out in the trucks and we’d go out to the job sites, whereas now we are able to have an inventory. We have a shop. We build pumps and motors. (Read More…)

*Rios, Edwin. “From Cornelius garage to Forest Grove storefront: Q&A with Clearwater Pump Services owner David Parson.” – Foodday February 20, 2014.
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Clearwater Pump Services owner David Parson talks with John Erickson on K103FM

Clearwater Pump Services owner David Parson talks with John Erickson on K103FM about water and his new store opening in Forest Grove. Click the “Play Button” below to listen.

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Come Join Us For Our Grand Opening March 4th, 2014

We are excited to announce our Grand Opening of our store on March, 4th, 2014! We would love to see you join us as we celebrate this special day! Our new location is located at 2133 DOUGLAS STREET, FOREST GROVE, OR 97116 (map)

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Angie’s List – 2013 Super Service Award Winner!

Angie's list - 2013 Super Service Award WinnerClearwater Pump Service has received an award by Angie’s List – 2013 Super Service Award Winner! Offering you the best service around!
PORTLAND Well and Pump Service

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Clearwater Pump Helps Local Growers Comply with Good Agricultural Practices “G.A.P.” Requirements.

ClearwaterPump Helps Local Growers ComplyAs more and more concerns arise for the liability of produce growers and the safety of fresh market consumers, growers are searching for effective and simple ways to comply with GAP requirements. One of the more challenging and growing concerns is chlorine disinfection on crops. GAP is requiring that chlorine is run upon the produce prior to harvest to disinfect and reduce the risk of spreading bacteria such as ecoli.

Recently, we installed a chemical injection pump that will help a local grower comply with GAP and give them the reassurance that they have a simple cost effective way to comply with GAP. It is powered by creating a pressure differential between the intake and discharge and has an adjustable feed rate to help maintain a chlorine residual in the field.

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Why is my well pump is running all the time?

A common phone call we receive from customers is a complaint that their well pump will not shut off or their electric bill has suddenly gone through the roof. When a well pump is running all the time and will not shut off the most common reason is that the well pump is not able to build enough pressure in the system to tell the pressure switch to turn the well pump off. When this happens there are typically two common causes.

The most common cause is a hole in the drop pipe down the well. The submersible pump delivers water from the bottom of the well to the pressure tank through the “drop pipe” that runs from the pump to the top of the well. In most older installations galvanized pipe was used for the drop pipe. As the galvanized pipe sits in the well it can develop what starts as a small pin hole leak and will continue to grow larger. As the well pump delivers water a portion is continually running back into the well preventing the well pump to build sufficient pressure to reach its cut off pressure. When this happens the pump will need to be removed from the well and in most cases we will replace the existing galvanized drop pipe with PVC “plastic” pipe. In addition to the new plastic pipe we will also install stainless steel couplings to join each section of pipe.

Another common cause could be a leak in the plumbing from the well to the home. In this case inspect the path of the existing underground plumbing and look for a wet spot or a spot where the grass or vegetation is noticeably larger and or greener then the surrounding landscapes.

While there are other causes for low pressure we hope this helps and if you do notice lower water pressure or higher electric bills we are always available to send out a technician and perform a full inspection to diagnose and correct the problem.

The image displays a typical installation and the drop pipe.

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We Are Proud to Announce Our New Location in Oregon City

Due to demand we have expanded and will now be running a fulltime crew out of Oregon City. We will be servicing the areas of Oregon City, Carver, Damascus, Sandy, Boring, Rock Creek, Estacada, Gresham, and West Linn.

We will be offering well pump service, water filtration, water holding tank systems, flow testing, and potability samples. In addition to our normal services we will also be continuing to offer free estimates, free water testing, and 24 Hour Emergency Services.

West Side – Hillsboro
East Side – Oregon City (503)-657-8000

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Clearwater Pump Service Welcomes Brad Dupre

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Cold Weather Tips for Your Well Pump System

As winter has arrived and the temperature is dipping below freezing some simple tips can save you time, money, and the life of your well pump system. When water freezes it expands as it expands it will break pipes, crack pumps, damage pressure tank diaphragms, break filters, and leave you and your home without water.

If your equipment is in a pump house here are some simple tips to help when facing freezing weather

  • The most simple and most common mistake is not closing the pump house door.
  • Plug in a space heater or thermal plug while making sure it is clear of fire hazards
  • Plug in a heat lamp
  • Insulate pipes with pipe insulation. This is easy to do and can be found in most hardware stores.
  • Wrap pipe and tanks in heat tape. Also very easy and found in most hardware stores.

At the Well Head

  • Make sure any exposed plumbing pipes are insulated and covered.
  • Wrap plumbing in heat tape.

Another option that helps is to leave a few faucets running at a slow dribble. Water coming from the well pump is around 52 degrees and if you keep the water in your system running it will not freeze.

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from Clearwater Pump Service

As the holidays and upcoming New Year have arrived we are reminded what to be thankful for. With this in mind we realized it might be nice to recognize some of the things we have to give thanks for as our first year in business winds down a success with a lot to look forward to and improve on in the New Year. We have received a lot of support from family and community members in our first year. The stats on the success rate of a new business in its first year states that only 1 in 10 businesses will turn a year old. Our families have been behind us through this whole journey giving us support and a helping hand when needed. Members of the community have helped spread the word and given us the trust to refer their friends and neighbors to us. These referrals mean more than just new job opportunities it means to me that these people have given us the trust in knowing we will treat their referral as a reflection of both our reputation and theirs. Last but not least I want to thank our customers. Our customers give us the opportunity everyday to show people the difference between us and our competitors. We are able to perform the work we love with the goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations. In closing, thank you to all who have helped contribute to our first year of success and we pledge to continue earning your trust and exceeding your expectations. From our family to yours may you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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